The DC Grays are thrilled to welcome new manager, Reggie Terry, to the organization. The Grays are entering their fourth season in the Cal Ripken Collegiate Baseball League, and their second with the Washington Nationals Youth Baseball Academy as their home field. Terry is taking over for Arlan Freeman, who coached the Grays from their start in 2012 until last season.

Terry has been involved in the Ripken League for just about as long as the Grays themselves have. For the past three seasons, He was an assistant coach for the Bethesda Big Train. The Big Train were the top team in the league for two of those three seasons, and the only team in the league to win 30 or more games.

Around this time, Terry began talking with Grays’ General Manager Antonio Scott and became more familiar with the Grays organization. “We had several conversations while I was coaching with the Big Train,” Terry said. “We talked about baseball, we talked about baseball in the inner city, we just talked in general.” Scott and Terry kept in contact to recruit players, and Scott eventually asked Terry to manage the Grays. “I’m very grateful for the opportunity,” Terry said, “and I hope to enjoy my tenure here with the Grays.

“Reggie is a product of black college baseball,” said Scott.  “He has seen first-hand the positive impact that baseball can have on African-American young men.  That is why we are so excited that he will be leading our team and supporting our mission to be ‘ambassadors for baseball’ in the inner-city.”

Like the players on his team, Terry had a strong college baseball career. He played in every game during his time at Norfolk State University in Norfolk, VA. He also received numerous honors, was named to All-Region and All-State first teams, and was selected as his university’s Player of the Year. By the time he graduated, Terry had broken 12 of 15 offensive hitting records.

Throughout his career, Terry has coached everything from Little League to travel teams with Colangelo Baseball. He has also coached football and basketball teams. During the year, Terry is an assistant football coach at C.D. Hylton High School in Woodbridge, VA, and an assistant baseball coach at Woodbridge High School, also in Woodbridge. Since beginning his time as an assistant coach there, the Vikings have gone to a 107-54 overall record.

Terry’s goals for the Grays this season are “to be competitive, to compete to win, and to do the little things on and off the field.” Terry emphasized that what happens off the field greatly affects what happens on the field. “I want to deal with the small things off the field, make sure they’re managed properly, do them right. Hopefully that will, and usually does, materialize into more wins than losses, and more competitive games.” Terry would also like to expand the Grays’ fan base, bringing in “younger kids all the way to older adults.”

The Grays begin the 2015 season tonight, taking on the Herndon Braves at Herndon High School in Herndon, VA. The Grays’ home opener will be this Saturday at 7 PM, against the Baltimore Redbirds.