WASHINGTON, DC – – Host families are the unsung heroes of any summer college baseball program.  As players come to the national capital area from all over the country to play for the DC Grays in the Cal Ripken League, it is a comfort and a blessing to have generous and dedicated host families willing to open up their homes for these young men for the summer.

This year the Grays were honored to have the following families host players from Memorial Day to the end of July:

Katherine Dixon

Jeff and Laura Shelton

Scott Burr

Betty Peebles

Richard Sellers

Melissa Cramer

Eric and Laura Rizzo

Kacey LeGeyt

Kari Larson

Robert Duff

Tucker and Tami Snyder

The DC Grays say “thank you” to these wonderful host families!  Thank you for another great year!

Scott Burr has been the DC Grays housing coordinator since 2013, and the Burrs have been a host family themselves since 2012 – the first year of the Dc Grays in the Ripken League.

“Scott does such a great job every year,” said Mike Barbera, president and chairman of Dc Grays Baseball. “He works with both the players and the host families to make sure everyone has a great summer experience.  It takes a lot of time and effort, and thanks to his tireless work we have one of the best host families programs in all of summer college baseball.”