A future Major League ballplayer could be your summer guest

Click here to download a Grays’ Host Family Information and Registration Packet.

The DC Grays are fortunate that top players from across the country want to come to Washington DC and play great college baseball in the Cal Ripken Collegiate Baseball League.  In 2017, our roster will have players from California, Hawaii, Georgia and Texas, and every other corner of America.  Although they look and act like adults, they are just college kids who are away from the familiar comforts of home and campus.


DC Grays host families house one of our players during the season, which begins in early June and ends the last week in July.  Host families become a second home to the players while they chase their dream of becoming a big league ballplayer. During a busy summer where our players compete nightly against some of the top college players in the nation, the host family can make all the difference for our players.  They provide more than just housing and food – they are an important source of guidance and encouragement for these young men.

The DC Grays are run by dedicated volunteers, and no group of people volunteer more than our host families. By making your home available to a deserving college ballplayer, you are helping these players live a dream!!!!

For details on the program please contact Scott Burr our housing coordinator at sburr@techpainting.com or 703-298-7680.

“I personally have hosted several players and I still keep in touch with all of them. More importantly, so do my kids. Having these college ballplayers in our home was a great experience.  I would recommend it for any family.” –Scott Burr