May 15, 2018 | by: DCGrays Press

WASHINGTON, D.C. – – The 2018 summer collegiate team for the DC Grays organization will not only see some new names to this year’s team roster, but also two new fresh faces will help coach and develop the Grays players this summer.

This season will see coaching changes with the additions of Justin Thomas, pitching coach, and Tyler Thomas as the new hitting/assistant coach. Both new coaches will be replacing the likes of Michael Bowers (pitching coach-2017), and Kevin Tatum (assistant coach-2017). Manager, Reggie Terry, did not have much in-depth reasons as to why the changes were made this year but expressed that he is confident with his “New Blood”as he referred to the new additions to the coaching staff. “I think the energy that both of these guys bring to the table will help us have a much better season on and off the field” said coach Terry.

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